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"Special boxes for precious treasures."

Each box is made with unique natural wood details.
All jewelry boxes have a smooth inner base layer with a partitioned upper tray.

To purchase these or similar items, contact me.

JEWELRY BOX1-sbs-closed-sentimental-perfection.jpg

Samples of My Jewelery Boxes

Black velvet lines the bottom of each base layer and partitioned section.

Wood selections vary.

IMG_1035-JEWELRY BOX2-precious-perfectione.jpg

Jewelry Box

IMG_1376-JEWELRY BOX5-bone-white-and-purple-heart.jpg

Jewelry Box

JEWELRY BOX1-open-sentimental-perfection.jpg

Jewelry Box

IMG_1043-JEWELRY BOX3-knot-perfect.jpg

Jewelry Box

IMG_1054_JEWELRY BOX4_natural-knot-square-jewelry-box.jpg

Jewelry Box

IMG_1040-JEWELRY BOX3-knot-perfect.jpg

Jewelry Box

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